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천년누리 맛있고 진한 천마애 쌍화

1Box (80ml*30ea)

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To the weary you in your busy daily life, this product offer a cup of deep and rich relaxation with Ssanghwa tea. 

Ssanghwa signifies the harmonious balance of qi and blood, bringing a profound sense of tranquility. Ssanghwa tea, crafted by steeping 12 carefully selected ingredients for an extended period, is designed to safeguard your family's health during the transitional seasons. Take a moment to savor the calmness it brings amid the hustle and bustle of life.


바쁜 일상에 지친 당신께 쌍화 한 잔의 깊고 진한 여유를 드려요.

쌍화는 기와 혈을 쌍으로 조화롭게 한다는 의미를 가지고 있어요. 12가지의 재료를 오랜 시간 달여낸 쌍화차로 환절기에 가족의 건강을 지켜주세요.