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정천고려홍삼 4년근 백삼 곡삼

300g (50ea)

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It is 4-year-old, A+ dried ginseng (Goksam), considered as the top-quality Korean red ginseng.

Goksam refers to the dried ginseng where the roots, harvested from the field, are thoroughly cleaned, processed, and then dried. It is a type of dried ginseng commonly used in traditional Korean medicine and is considered the highest quality among dried ginseng varieties.

고려인삼 4년근 1등급 건삼 (곡삼)이에요.

곡삼이란 밭에서 채취한 수삼을 세척 및 가공 건조한 인삼 중에서 뿌리부분을 말아 올린 건삼을 말해요.

한의원에서 많이 쓰이는 건삼으로, 가장 최상의 건삼이에요.