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절골농원 유기농 볶음 참깨


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This is carefully crafted savory roasted sesame from Jeolgol.

They extract and wash organic sesame cultivated on their farm, ensuring that no foreign substances remain.

After washing, they evenly roast the organic whole sesame seeds to prevent them from being too toasted inside. The sesame is rapidly cooled to maintain the aroma and flavor of the whole sesame seeds.

As organic sesame is considered a precious food item even in Korea, it adds taste and aroma to delicious dishes.

정성들여 만든 고소한 절골농원 볶음참깨에요.

농원에서 재배한 유기농 참깨를 이물질을 건져내고 씻어내요. 씻어낸 유기농 통참깨를 속까지 골고루 타지 않게 볶은 후에 참깨를 급속 냉각시켜 통참깨의 향과 맛을 유지하도록 해요.

유기농 참깨는 한국에서도 귀한 식품인 만큼, 맛있는 요리에 맛과 향을 더해줘요.