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참든 야채수 더 퍼플

1Box (80ml*30ea)

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Make my body healthy with power of purple!

Vegetable Juice - the Purple, Why Is It Special?

The perfect recipe of organic root vegetables and purple vegetables is made more delicious with organic sugarcane.

You already know vegetable is good for your health, but to be honest, It's too hard than we think. right? Just open and drink it, It's easy to drink!

보라빛으로 내 몸을 건강하게!

야채수 더 퍼플, 왜 특별할까요?

유기농 뿌리채소와 자색 야채의 황금비율에 유기농 사탕수수로 더 맛있게 만들었어요.

몸에 좋은 건 알지만 챙겨 먹기 힘든 야채, 야채수로 간편하게 챙겨드세요!


This product is not a medicine. It’s a kind of health supplementary food.

If you are allergic to certain ingredients, take it after consulting your doctor.

이 제품은 의약품이 아닌 건강 보조 식품이에요.

특정 물질에 알러지가 있는 경우, 주치의와 충분한 상담 후에 드세요.