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참든 배 맛있게 담아

1Box (100ml*30ea)

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Deliciously packed with the rich and flavorful taste of pure Korean pears from Naju! Experience the exquisite sweetness of premium Naju pears in a convenient single serving. 

Pear juice, known for its potential in aiding cold prevention, is perfect for sipping during chilly weather. Enjoy the natural sweetness and benefits of this high-quality Naju pear juice with just one sip.


진하고 맛있는 순수 한국산 나주 배 맛있게 담아 달콤한 맛 그대로! 명품 나주 배의 단맛을 간편하게 한 포로 드셔보세요.

감기 예방에 도움을 줄 수 있는 배즙은 찬바람 불 때 하나씩 드시면 좋아요.