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We persistently uphold the value of ensuring thattrue Korean food is crafted with ingredients grown on Korean soil.

Experience the true flavors of Korea with authentic Korean food crafted by culinary masters using genuine Korean ingredients, not the preservative-laden products commonly found in regular supermarkets.

The Journey of Quality:
From Farm to Your Table

For over 15 years, our journey began with a brick-and-mortar store, passionately serving our local community with the finest selections from Korea. Today, we are excited to extend this passion to a broader audience through our online store. We firmly believe in the power of organic consumption—not only does it support our farmers and safeguard our environment, but it also represents a commitment to a sustainable future for all of us. Our dedication to quality has led us to meticulously select our products, with our CEO personally visiting manufacturers in Korea to ensure that what we bring to your table meets our high standards.

Sustainable Eating:
Join Our Journey

Our store sets itself apart by offering exclusively Korean agricultural and marine products grown in the country's soil and waters. GMO-free and organically farmed, our products reflect our belief in sustainable consumption. We're committed to providing natural, healthy options, aligning with our philosophy of organic and pesticide-free cultivation. By choosing our selection, you're contributing to a sustainable future for us all.

Taste the Purity:
Beyond Factory-Made

At Organic One, we are dedicated to bringing a healthy table to your home. Our selection includes traditional Korean sauces crafted by master artisans, offering a taste that is incomparably pure and sophisticated compared to factory-produced alternatives. We also offer high-quality seaweeds like kelp and seaweed, nurtured by the waves and sea breezes of the Korean coast, providing clean and rich flavors. Most importantly, we cater to the youngest members of your family, from their very first snacks to baby food, beverages, and a variety of food ingredients, all designed to support healthy growth with the care and love they deserve. Join us in our commitment to a healthier, more sustainable future with every meal.