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Why Organic One?

1. A Tight Commodity Committee

After meeting with producers in Korea, I personally try and select products as if choosing them for my family. We only sell products that meet high standards for ingredients, taste, and safety.

2. Unique Organic One Products

We visit producers of agricultural and marine products in Korea and carefully select the best ones. We are the only store in the U.S. offering these exclusive organic Korean products.

3. Fresh and Safe Korea-U.S. Logistics System

Our Korean branch inspects the products and ships them directly to our U.S. store. We have a dedicated distribution system from Korea to the U.S., managed by our team to ensure quality and safety.

4. Best Prices for Customers and Producers

Korean agricultural and marine products are known for their high quality. We strive to offer these premium products to our customers at affordable prices.

5. Sustainable Distribution for the Environment

We understand the importance of expiration dates. We sell products according to their expiration date, ensuring customers consume them at their best. We are committed to helping everyone enjoy our organic products while being mindful of the environment.