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삼남매 황태 껍질 튀각


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Crispy! Samnammae's Dried Yellow Pollack Crisps!

You want to eat snacks, but you're hesitant about your health, right? It's a collagen snack that considers not only the taste but also the beauty.

Collagen is an important fiber protein that accounts for most of our connective tissues such as skin and cartilage.

Collagen in the skin of dried pollack is a very small, low-molecular fish collagen that absorbs 84 percent of the free amount into the body.

Besides that, it's full of vitamins, omega 3, amino acids, so it's a healthy snack, right?

바삭바삭하고 고소한 삼남매 황태 껍질 튀각!

간식은 먹고 싶은데 건강 생각에 망설여지죠? 맛은 물론 피부까지 생각하는 콜라겐 덩어리 스낵이에요.

콜라겐은 피부, 연골 등 우리 몸 결합조직의 대부분을 차지하는 중요한 섬유 단백질이에요.

황태 껍질의 콜라겐은 아주 작은 저분자 어류 콜라겐으로 체내에 무료 84%가 흡수되어요.

그 외에도 비타민, 오메가3, 아미노산 등이 가득 함유되어 있어 건강 간식이라고 할 만하죠?