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생강마을 수라편강

1Box (25g*10ea) and Container 160g

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This is a premium specialty from Bongdong, Korea called "Pyeong-gang,"(dried ginger) presented to the king. 

It is produced by an artisan farmer who has been continuing the legacy of Bongdong ginger for seven generations in Wanju, Korea the holy land of Korean ginger. 

This safe delicacy is meticulously crafted, reducing moisture and sugar through traditional methods, then individually spread and air-dried for over 20 hours, resulting in a crisp texture. Enjoy Pyeong-gang(dried ginger) as a light snack with its delightful crunchiness.


임금님께 진상하던 고급 특산물 봉동 편강이에요.

7대째 한국 생강의 시배지 완주 봉동에서 생강농사를 지으며 봉동생강의 명성을 이어온 예술 농부가 직접 만든 안전한 먹거리에요.

수분과 설탕을 줄여 전통방식으로 하나하나 펴서 20시간 이상 건조하여 바삭거리는 식감으로, 스낵처럼 가볍게 즐기시는 편강이에요.